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Perfect Roof Top Tent

Oh! The attraction of a roof leading outdoor tents ... Stimulating road trips, freedom and outgoing experiences.

The several overlanding images of cars with kings roof top tent on them offer fanciful impressions to those who remain in search of freedom, where absolutely nothing stops us from simply taking off, and also checking out uncharted territories.

We really chose an ARB roof-top outdoor tents on our Jeep JK for our 10 month North, Central & South American overlanding trip for these exact factors. The camping tent sheltered us all the means to Ushuaia Argentina and also back.

Ever wonder exactly what it's like to sleep in a Roof covering Top Outdoor Tents?

Find our 10 key elements to consider when taking a trip with a roof-top camping tent Parked in crushed seashells - East Coast of Argentina

Keep in mind: The complying with review and also considerations are based on the ARB Simpson III version Roof-top tent.

Trick Element # 1) A Roof Top Camping tent establishes in 2 minutes

Of program, at initially, it takes method and extra time to establish up, however it does not take too long to get it down to a science. The configuration can be done quite easily by one individual, when released, all there's left to do is to open up the tent's home window flaps.

IDEA: Leave the cushions and also sheets inside, they'll press and also fold up far from the outdoor tents as well as you could likewise keep other things permanently hid, such as an analysis light and a 12v fan. Be planned for a hot environment" when you first climb up into it, open up the flaps to rapidly cool off the tent's quarters.

Key Factor # 2) A Rooftop Tent stashes in 10-15 minutes

Placing it away and folding it back could be a bit of a concern for a solitary person if you plan to take a trip by on your own. Folding up the tent back up is quite easily done, yet the difficult component, or trickier concern includes cuddling back the additional loose and flabby fabric that hangs out as you fold back. Tucking everything in needs a specific quantity of sychronisation.

As soon as the tent is folded up (plunked) back, someone can take down on the looming ladder, which resumes it in order to enable the other individual to tuck the material back in position, on all 3 sides. Later on, all that's left is to safeguard the velcro bands holding both fifty percents of the camping tent in place, they can be tightened up by having a person stand or kneel on the top sides of the camping tent. Changing the safety exterior rubber shell over the tent is the last step of this 10-15 minute operation.

TIP: Zipping up all window openings prior to folding minimizes extra product from waving out and helps reduce pause the concealing process.

Trick Aspect # 3) Roofing Top Outdoors tents remain very dry even in downpours as well as snow.

Remaining dry is always a significant obsession for campers. No one desires water in their sleeping quarters. The ARB outdoor tents maintained us completely dry in also the worst climate circumstances. We're speaking significant exotic rainstorms as well as wind pressure winds in Cape Hatteras. It passed every test with flying shades. I was partly responsible for the only water problem we've had. Attempting to determine why the outdoor tents's ceiling was caving in a lot, I touched the overhead lining, only to recognize that the other day's drizzle had become snow during the evening. There was an excellent cover of damp snow on the outside of the tent and also unfortunately, by touching the textile, it started to move to the inside ... Discuss water torment!

IDEA: Treat your tent with a sprayed waterproofing product before your departure.

Key Aspect # 4) Roofing Leading Camping tents aren't made with breathable fabric suitable for exotic climate.

Hot & Humid in Costa Rica

If you're in a bug-free environment, opening up these displays will certainly cool down the tent off promptly. Hang it above, as the majority of designs can be clipped to centre metal arc of the tent.

Key Variable # 5) With a Rooftop Tent, You're Sleeping Off the Ground.

This features its PRO's & CON's. By far the very best PRO is not needing to sleep on the ground with every one of the weird spiders. Apparent burglars enter your mind ... Spiders, rodents, snakes, however let's not forget bigger, 4 legged ones such as bears, wolves or cougars. Being atop your Jeep adds an extra 6 feet of distance from killers, or at a least, it offers you time to respond if ever you listen to any kind of movement or activity around the automobile.

The most significant DISADVANTAGE that features sleeping aloft could well be the middle of the evening stroll to the bathroom. Individuals have accessibility to natural" devices to sneak a leak in a mobile rest room device girls are undoubtedly at a drawback below.

TIP: Strategy a journey the toilet just before going to bed.

Aspect # 6) Important Roof Covering Top Camping Tent Inside Add-on:

The most regular concern we obtain concerning our RTT is: just how comfortable is it up-there? This location produces a type of mini vestibule at your feet.

With the complying with products, our aloft "bedroom" was safe and secure and comfortable.

TENT HAMMOCKS: Camping tent hammocks and also equipment lofts offer floating cabinets for stashing garments. As they don't touch the external covering, everything remains dry.

CLIP-ON ILLUMINATION: Illumination must have been an integrated function. Adding a clip-on reading light will offer the required visibility for nighttime reading or playing cards.

MINI-SWEEPER: A little sweeper at the tent's entry to sweep up the sand or dirt from attacking the bed location

BEAR SPRAY: Thinking about only an item of cloth is in between you and the wilderness this is just an extra action in situation of a killer (shoots to 30ft) however could also be made use of as a white arm for potential trespassers. Obtain it right here

SECURITY WHISTLE: Maintaining a security whistle nearby is a wise means to deter any unwanted critters and also to alert them away.

FOLDING BLADE: A folding knife for additional security at the door in situation of an emergency or to scare off any type of undesirable visitors.

WATKINS REPELLENT: By far the very best pest repellent out there, not sticky and not as well smelly with 30 Deet. Extremely reliable.

Secret Variable # 7) Valuable Roofing System Top Outdoor Tents Add-ons

Also though in retrospect, we 'd utilized them on celebration, we were grateful to have them with us when the use of them arose. Constructed to last, well developed and also quick to establish up and place away.


We expected to make use of the annexe on a regular basis as a vestibule for altering clothes and, obviously, to use our mobile toilet secretive. In truth, we used it only when for our portable bathroom when we remained in Salta, Argentina as the campground's washrooms were past unpleasant. This add-on is an excellent alternative when you're experiencing hefty wind problems, it allows you eat and cook in a protected area, protected from the components.

IDEA: It'll need some excellent staking down in strong winds, so strategy to park the lorry in such a way that the annexe could line up in a placement that allows you to do so. Stay clear of areas where a concrete slab would certainly protect against pegging down.


Technically the mosquito display is not an RTT add-on, it's more of an awning accessory However offered the selection in between the annexe or this device, the mosquito screen wins, hands-down. It saved the day on several celebrations, especially on the East coast of the USA where the No See-ums" are vicious. The 8 × 8 area is plenty large for 2 chairs and also a folding table, it also has space to spare.

SUGGESTION: Position the centred zipper access with your lorry's side door. By doing so, you won't should leave the screen whized up, giving easier accessibility to the fridge as well as those cold brewskies.

Key Variable # 8) Rooftop Tent reduce your mobility.

Typically a neglected variable, you'll have to take into account is the lack of wheelchair you experience when you've set up your camping area. Of course, you could pack up and go, getting the camping tent folded up back in concerning 10-15 mins, but if you're utilizing the mesh, the annex or the awning screens on top of that, after that the process ends up being a little bit even more of a total problem. If it's readily available nearby, you could desire to venture out on foot or make use of public transport. If you expect to be in an area that requires the use of your automobile for expedition, aim to get a lot of the outermost as well as remote areas covered before your arrival or go out to these once you have actually left the campground.

POINTER: If you plan to be in a backwoods, plan ahead and also see if there are camping sites with easy accessibility to public transportation or readily available city shuttles.

Trick Aspect # 9) RTT include additional weight and also height to your vehicle.

We completely underestimated the weight aspect of adding an RTT on our Jeep Wrangler. In part, since we hadn't seen the item in the showroom, it was custom gotten from a regional Jeep part reseller. The 150 pounds this adds to the car's back suspension is not an offer awesome by itself. However the larger problem is that it builds up quickly when you additionally have the rack weight, 4 containers for storage space, the back shelf, the water or gas storage tanks if they're complete as well as, certainly, a 35 inch mounted spare too! All this extra gear likewise impacts the centre of gravity of your lorry as well as develops wind resistance which in turn reduces gas mileage and also performance. It feels more like driving a '75 Fleetwood Cadillac than riding in a 4 × 4 Jeep!

SUGGESTION: Examine that your car's suspension can deal with the added weight as well as the noticeable possibility that you'll require a lift package. Consider that the extra height could limit you from accessing certain areas like indoor garages or reduced expenses passes.

Key Factor # 10) Roofing Top Tents are costly.

The rates differ from suppliers as well as areas but anticipate to pay between $800 to $1200 or more relying on versions and brand names. We love our ARB Simpson III design. The quality is remarkable as well as we actually like the ladder function which leads under the entry and not above the side.

One could say that a RTT financial investment is equal to over 100 nights in reduced budget plan accommodations and also lodgings. Selecting to camp is much extra that simply sleeping in a tent. It's about connecting with nature, and also much like in hostels, you satisfy fantastic like minded individuals and also you could appreciate cooking meals on the fire.

We have actually taken pleasure in camping in real comfort on the coastlines of Costa Rica and also bush outdoor camping in remote locations of Patagonia. Flexibility that's well worth the rate of our rooftop tent.

Wish to know more concerning living out of your auto, this article from Two Wandering Soles offers fantastic insights about 10 Things You Should Know Before Residing In a Campervan.

The best component of a Roof-top Camping tent is without a doubt the opportunity to quit, park and established anywhere you prefer. You're autonomous, which suggests you could enjoy it anywhere, anytime in a jiffy.

Get the full information about our JK Wrangler Overlanding Set Up from this 10-minute video.

Have you ever before travelled with a roof-top camping tent? Please leave your remarks or concerns listed below, we 'd love to speak with you ...

Disclosure: This page consists of affiliate web links for services and products that we make use of as well as recommend. If you purchase these via our web site links, the cost will stay the very same to you and we get a percent as a payment.

The tent protected us all the way to Ushuaia Argentina and also back. Folding the tent back up is quite quickly done, but the difficult part, or more difficult problem consists of cuddling back the extra loose and flabby material that hangs out as you fold back. As soon as the outdoor tents is folded up (plopped) back, one person can draw down on the looming ladder, which resumes it in order to make it possible for the various other person to put the fabric back in place, on all three sides. Later on, all that's left is to secure the velcro bands holding both halves of the tent in location, they can be tightened up by having an individual stand or kneel on top sides of the tent. Of training course, you can pack up as well as go, getting the camping tent folded up back in concerning 10-15 mins, however if you're making use of the annex, the mesh or the awning displays on top of that, then the process ends up being a little bit even more of a general problem.

I waited a few months to post this review so that I could use the tent a couple of times and become familiar with it before giving an opinion. I was amazed at first with just how easy this tent is to setup. In a matter of minutes after parking in your camping spot, the tent is ready to go. My first camping trip with the RTT, I set the whole thing up tent